Upon graduating in 2018, Lucy has worked freelance opportunities and within corporate agency settings. Her recent work spans spatial design, writing, user interface design, knowledge translation, and teaching and research. With the nature of our climate, she pushes for criticality across the discipline— deconstructing the merits of seemingly successful communications, and for whom they benefit.
What Lucy Does
Process in design. Branding & identity design. Writes. Enjoys curry. Document production. Research. Reads a lot. Creative consulting. Wayfinding. Typography. Spends time with her cats. Uses Adobe. Despises social media. Paints. Overuses social media. Data visualizations. Loves satire. Exhibition Design. User Interface design. Isometric graphics. Enjoys design criticism. Information architecture. Drinks litres of tea. Writes lists.
What Lucy Doesn’t Do
Clickbait. Sleep well. Cook enough. Keep receipts. Keep her opinion to herself. Back-end coding. Wear Uggs. Watch hockey. Eat five-a-day. Believe politicians. Recycle enough. Enjoy Game of Thrones. Leave the lights on. Refrain from sarcasm. Read The Daily Mail. Listen to Country music. Drink whiskey. Keep a diary. Listen to enough podcasts. Whistle. Love IDEO. Read signage often.

Education & Resume
University of Lethbridge, English Literature, 2012–2014
Mount Royal University, Information Design, 2014–2018